For Nansi, what began as a hobby would quickly transpire into a passion. Inspired by her grandmother, any chance she had to cook, she took with great delight.

For many years Nansi dreamed of one day opening her own company where she could create magic and inspire other with food as her grandmother did. However, she was forced to put her dreams on hold when a family member fell ill.

Not long after, she was presented with the opportunity to go study at Liaisons Collage, with some of the most acclaimed Chefs in Canada. Upon receiving her diploma and becoming a certified Chef, her family came together and worked hard to turn her dream into a reality.

With the help of her whole family, Nansi was able to take the first steps into making her dream a reality. In 2009 Nanaz Kitchen Inc. was established. A company that blends her Mediterranean roots with Western style services to create a unique and unforgettable food experience.

Excutive Chef Nansi
Nanaz Kitchen Restaurant and Catering